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  • New Bugs on Profit

    February 23th, 2024

    Dear users,

    We have updated our system to detect Fraud users, so there is some conflicts on our system.
    It affects to our profit system, and it count in mistake on some Completed Downloads. We are trying to fix it, and dont worry about your lossing.
    And we found there is a problem on countdown too, we will fix soon.

    We are optimizing our profit and open new BIG Promotion on new template. Please keep patient, and we wish you have great time with FREEDL.INK


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  • Temporary issues

    February 01th, 2024

    Dear our users,

    We are sorry about our errors on our system few days ago.

    We are trying to fix our bugs, after that will run short promotion, we will double our rates for a week.

    We are sorry again.

    Best regards.

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  • New Affiliate Program

    December 11th, 2023

    Hi everyone,

    We will start new Affiliate program for downloaders on next update soon.
    Estimated time : 17 Dec, 2023.

    And we want to notify new Christmas & New Years affiliate program
    Time : 15th Dev, 2023 to 7th Jan, 2023

    PPD rates are double:
    Tier 1 : $14
    Tier 2 : $8
    Tier 3 : $6
    Tier 4 : $4

    Enjoy this moment, have fund for these holidays and happy new year ;)

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  • Upload method

    December 11th, 2023

    Currently, we support these upload methods:
    1. FTP Upload
    2. Remote Upload
    3. Web Upload
    4. Zoom Upload will be updated soon (on Jan, 2023 Zoom update schedule)
    5. API Upload (next update from Freedlink)

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